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No garden is complete without a tranquil water-feature, weather it be a swimming pool, fishpond or a fountain. Trinity Gardens specialises in professional pool and pond installation, pool installation, and the maintenance and repair of all of your garden’s water features. Our ponds come in a variety of style options and can be built to your specifications, whether raised or sunken, rock-walled or a sleek concrete finish.

Our selection of water features and fountains is unbeatable. Whatever shape, size and design you have your heart set on is possible. Waterfalls, foam-jets or weirs, Zen, Moroccan or indigenous style – the only limitation is your imagination.

Over and above the installation and repair of swimming pools, we offer a pool cleaning and maintenance package to keep your pool sparkling blue. Our regular pool maintenance services include:

  • Chlorine and PH level testing
  • Scrubbing of pool walls
  • Skimming debris from water surface
  • Cleaning and backwashing filters
  • Emptying leaf baskets
Pools and Ponds